Week 1: Beach and Beauty, Sun and Skulls

Lyric of the Week: “No freedom ’til we’re equal. Damn right, I support it.” – Same Love, Mackelmore


Sunday: This week started with the beach. The perfect way to start this year of my life. Brain reset, crashing waves and sand everywhere. What could be better? My brother needed it, I needed it. It was recuperation at its best.


Monday: Back to work! Day one and already some drama. I think the lady who donated this is trying to defraud the IRS. She wanted a letter to confirm her donation and called no less than 15 times for it, Why? Well, I think she knows that we can’t assign value to her donation– only she can. If we say she donated jewelry, she can say it was diamonds and gold. As you can see, it was more along the lines of “costume” and “crap”. But alas, that is not my battle to fight. So, I delivered the letter and took a picture for documentation, CYA at all times.


Wednesday: Franklin Institute with my favoritest person on the planet, We had a great time. I especially loved getting to hang with the girls. But especially the really smiley girl on the end of the bench on the right ❤ Love that kid.


Thursday: Dinner with Wifey! ❤ Needed the talk and the drink and the Wifey attention. Bad! The food sucked but the company was great. How dare you mess up French Dip? Blasphemy. That’s like burning bacon.


Thursday: My beauty shot for the blog with the Go Girls. I feel like age isn’t looking so bad on me these days. Hope that isn’t just some delusion of mine . . .


Friday: Oh, what a beautiful day. No boss, catching up on work. Big, healthy lunch and sunshine. More like this please.


Saturday: Stepping up my wardrobe: part 1. Weeding out the silly, kiddie tees, buying more dresses and things that make me feel sexy. Maintaining the pedis at all times and really endeavoring to look like a sexy, single, 35 year old woman. That’s the plan, anyway. This dress is very me. I love it. Best part? It was buy one get one free! So, I got a dressier, sexier one too. Date worthy, really. Now, just to get that date . . .

This was a good week. One down, 51 to go on the road to a better me.


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