Week Number One ♡

The week in general was great. I decided to change one habit a week and build on it as I go along. The best part about it is that I am in charge of the rules, so yes I can change as needed. Dresses are apart of my weekly feel good, pretty and fabulous mind set. I also will stop and smell the roses or in this weeks case stare at the beautiful moon and reflect on my life. Starting to gather quotes and build a vision board or an O dream board that will help me stay focus of being a better ME.


The second part of my week was about food, friends and laughter. I need more of these times as it makes me a better Me. I added water to my life again, food with my friends weekly, drinks as needed and of course movies with popcorn. I realized there is a lot of things out there that I haven’t done due to not having a man, but why do I need one when I have friends and family. Each week I will add something new to my life and add and delete as needed. I will continue to work toward a new version of the already fabulous ME.



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