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Week 5: Pink Toes and Fried Oreos

Lyric of The Week: ” You. You don’t know how lucky you are. Hanging with that girl on your arm. But soon enough, I’m taking my shot. BANG.” Sweeter, Gavin DeGraw


Workdays: Perhaps because camp is over. Maybe because I’m in between responsibilities. Who knows? Whatever it is, I have needed the coffee to get me through. I took off Friday. Glad I did, I may have poked my own eyes out for the sheer excitement of blood and EMTs. Work is tedious. Every day this week I skipped out to go do something else mid-day (shhhh, don’t tell the boss). Goal for this week: make it not quite suck so bad- get my work mojo back.


Playday 1: YouTube and me re-aquainted ourselves. I was reminded that I love trying to learn to cook. I watched just about every single Super Bowl food video that YouTube and Food Network had to offer. I planned my menu whilst watching the preseason games. Cheesesteak egg rolls, Pizza bites, Buffalo Chicken Sliders and many more exciting twists on gameday faves. . . . don’t you wanna come over? “Eat Pray Love” (and a moment of silence) came back to visit me this week. Needed that.


Playday 2 & 3:  I had a ball at Hurricane Harbor and Point Pleasant. I squeezed all my summer into one weekend. I went on a 75 foot body slide, waded out up to my neck in the ocean and floated on the waves. All kinds of daring things. Blah, blah, blah. But the real story here is that I WORE A BIKINI! ME! Only took 35 years. YAAAAAY, ME!


This week’s lesson. Learning it.

Week 5. Better than some in some ways, not as good as others in other ways. But, my eyes were on the horizon. Two things that fell off the horizon though, were my eating and spending. Spent too much, ate too much. 2 words of danger: fried Oreos. But, refocusing in week 6. 6 pounds for week 6. I see the symbolism here, don’t you?


Week Five: the production goes on

I haven’t posted in my other blog (sigh), what a defeat! So do I even try to make these posts up this week? It will be a task but I’m down for it. I wanted to start off with my goals for this week since I had such a product Week 5 with a lot of pictures to share.
Goals for week 6
1) Post in other blog 3 times this week.
2) Make an appointment with “Mr. Sam”.
3) Just take a ride.
4) Go to the gym.

Week 5 was Fantastic! This week I clearly had My Eyes on the Horizon, everything wasn’t perfect but I saw the possibilities. And an extra 2 days off from work didn’t hurt. I have so many things to work on to create a better me, stronger me, healthier me, etc. and I’m ready for the challenge. After only 5 weeks of starting this blog I can feel and see the difference. It goes beyond me; I can also see the growth in others.

And this garage was made for working (imagine me singing that line). Ok don’t. I love, love, love, the garage. It is by far the best thing ever right now. Once I have time to spend on some personal projects it will be even better.



I can not forget the hair cut. I’m still on the fence with this one.

What I loved most about this week was the time I got to spend with my family and friends as well as my alone time. I’m looking forward to another fun productive week.
lets go…..

Week 5: ♡ Better Me

My week started out full, jam packed and of course with my family. I really love the weekends because that’s my time with my love ones. I started with my sis, mom in law and all 3 of my kids. It is great that I can still be close to my in laws even tho I am not with my husband any more. The one thing I value the most is FAMILY. Ending Sunday with all of my in laws and my kids was great. Didn’t think the week could get any better, but I was wrong…

Monday was my relaxing day and finally got my French toast, yeah my mom is the best. I did a lot of thinking, resting and really needed some time to regroup. Tuesday was the day I decided that it has been long over due for me to take “ME” back. Counting calories, adding some exercise and joined a website of supportive and motivated people. Putting my right foot forward, out with the old foot wear and eating habits. Walking is my new friend and I can’t wait to see how far we GO!

Spending all week doing better for me and my family has made me a better person. I have more energy, and really can feel myself changing inside and out. The journey will not always be easy, but with my love ones by my side I know I CAN DO IT!

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Week Four: Got the Urge


I got the Urge. The Urge to move on and take the next step. I had a conversation on Friday with someone who I have not talked to in a long while. Telling her everything that has happened over the past 2 years made me realize how far I have already come. The Urge I have now to make major leaps feels amazing.

What an interesting week, with many wonderful surprises.
My brother hooked up the garage with a couple of my favorites. He is the BEST!


It was the last week of summer camp for GO (girls only) Camp. Bitter sweet goodbyes.

No, I did not blog which was one my goals for week. Guess I will have to double up for Week 5. I did go to the gym and it was just what I needed. Even made a training appointment and set to take some classes. Having a gym buddy has got to help!
& I’m going to start on the hair change this week.

Goals for Week 5
1) Double post in other blog 2) Go to gym twice 3) Get hair done? (not in a rush)

Week 4: Countdown, Breakdown & Calm Down

Lyric of The Week: “Black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the rain?” Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden


Tuesday: Everyone else has these shots of themselves, like they actually find themselves attractive. Like they like how they look and want the world to feel the same. Why don’t I? Because I don’t like how I look. Usually. This pic however, is me taking a step to get over my hatred of pictures. Plus, I look like my grandmother in this shot– so I like it more than most. She was one hot lady.


Wednesday: ALMOST AT MY GOAL! On our last blog, I took a picture of me standing on the scale with one leg hanging off to get it to read 155. This pic had no photoshop or prestidigitation. This is me. 155. Overall, that’s 36 pounds down. YAY ME! 5 more pounds and I say goodbye to the Newports.  Pray for me.


Thursday: Today, I put my kindness above my broken heart and listened as a friend to him while he was going through it.


Friday: Today, I put my broken heart right back where it belongs and sat in the parking lot and cried like I got shot. Then, I went out, had some drinks and some laughs and some . . .  um well, you know what I had some of. . .  and left completely under one understanding about my love life: when it’s real you can’t half-ass it. It’s better to walk away and leave it on the table than half-ass something real.

This is my truth.


Saturday: The ocean reset me. The horizon was right there. And it breathed life back into me. So did watching my beautiful niece play in the waves and my nephew throw sand in his own face. ❤

This week, looking back, is over but- unfinished, somehow. I can’t comment on it. I feel like there was too much, too many ups and downs and too much spatial disorientation: loss of view of the horizon. But, I survived.

Week 4 ♥ Happiness & Sadness

As my week was a total blur for me; I’m glad I can look back at pictures and say wow that all happen this week?

Since this is about keeping my eye on the horizon I was hoping I did something to better myself. As I continue to take time out to enjoy life and spend time with the people I care about I also have worked my but off at work. As I can’t ever capture a picture of how hard I work I needed to put it in writing.  Overall I am really trying to step up my game at work and continue to balance work, family and friends.  As I look back on the pictures I think I did a great job balancing it all this week.

I had alot of happy moments this week but also my share of sad moments. In both of these moments I realized that at the heart of it all is ME. Regardless of what I did this week it was on my terms.  My relationships I have with people is on my terms. I do what is best for me and always have my familys best interest at heart.

Going into this week with love in my heart,  rings on my hands and a car that works. Yeah, I am a pretty lucky lady.



Week Three: These are the Breaks

It feels like fiddy years……

“…….When something starts making everything look dull it’s time to move on. The world should look bright when you awake to a whole new day.

What’s shaking in your world?

I don’t want to feel like he ignores me, has no time to do things, negates my creativity, shows no interest in me as a person, Secretive, doesn’t come thru on what he says, does not give emotional attention, turns problems around on me.

I want to go to the movies, cuddle and watch TV, make dinner together, go site seeing, just sit with each. Talk about the future, growing together. Quality time. Communication……..” from my iPhone notes 2012-2013.


This week was very interesting. I saw peoples true colors, had to check the status of some relationships and got to know people better then I did before. I guess you can say it was productive. It always ends on a good note when I spend it with the ladies, family and friends. and I cant forget how the camp girls Rocked It on the stage.


I’m setting 2 goals for this week. 1) Post in my other blog. 2) Go to the gym.

Ok…3 goals. I want to do this too!


Let’s see how this goes.