Week 2: Curls to Creme Brulee

Lyric Of The Week: “Should our fire turn to dark, take my heart with you.” – My Heart with You, The Rescues


Sunday: Deep conditioning. Seriously deep conditioning. I want my hair to grow. Seriously. I spent more money than I should have on new hydrating products. Let’s check in on this in a month and see how it goes.


Tuesday: This was one of those “boy, do I doubt myself” projects. Gumdrop molecule models for little kids. Will they get it? Will they like it? The roar of fun accompanied by the golden spark of inquiry (“Wait! Is that why salt is square??”) spoken by group 5 lets me know I should doubt myself less. Just go with it.


Thursday: This was a hard week. Every time you think you have cried the last time about something, it hits you again. And it hurts all over again. I gave up on this day. I think I used to actually believe that things would work out. That no matter how bad it got, it was supposed to be SOMETHING. On this day I realized it isn’t. Now, I know better. And I spent the afternoon crying, watching Grey’s and found my way to this quote, again. While watching, I heard the song that sparked the lyric of the week. I should say, I heard it AGAIN. And all that pointed me to the feeling I needed to feel: I can do better, now that I know better.


Saturday: Dinner with the girls. Went to a new place, ate great food and then had exactly 4 bites (plus one off my “date’s” spoon by mistake) of this FABULOUS creme brulee. Reminding me that sometimes I gotta just say calories-shmalories and eat that sucker. (Though the empty tub of chocolate icing reveals that I kinda said that shit all week . . .)

This week was brutal on my heart, catastrophic for my diet and I’m glad it’s over. But– I’ll take my lessons and keep watching the horizon.


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