Week 3 ♡

Family is everything.  It is where it all starts. Even if you may not speak all the time they are and will always be your family.  I have found a new appreciation of family. I started the week with them not watching TV, not swimming in the pool, but listening to music and talking about life. It was truly a moving experience.  Through out the week I continued to enjoy my family and got to spend some time with my granddaughter.

I also  started a life changing experience which started with meditation and ended with closing a chapter of my life that has been floating in and out of other chapters for way to long. Sometimes you just need to put a pitchfork in the sand and move on.

Closing up the week with my girls was very nice. As always I never know what to expect or what will come out in the wash. The evening itself was for lack of words “speechless”. But you live, you learn and you wipe the dust off of you.

Like my sidekick said money can’t buy happiness.  You should appreciate what you have. I am truly blessed.



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