Week Three: These are the Breaks

It feels like fiddy years……

“…….When something starts making everything look dull it’s time to move on. The world should look bright when you awake to a whole new day.

What’s shaking in your world?

I don’t want to feel like he ignores me, has no time to do things, negates my creativity, shows no interest in me as a person, Secretive, doesn’t come thru on what he says, does not give emotional attention, turns problems around on me.

I want to go to the movies, cuddle and watch TV, make dinner together, go site seeing, just sit with each. Talk about the future, growing together. Quality time. Communication……..” from my iPhone notes 2012-2013.


This week was very interesting. I saw peoples true colors, had to check the status of some relationships and got to know people better then I did before. I guess you can say it was productive. It always ends on a good note when I spend it with the ladies, family and friends. and I cant forget how the camp girls Rocked It on the stage.


I’m setting 2 goals for this week. 1) Post in my other blog. 2) Go to the gym.

Ok…3 goals. I want to do this too!


Let’s see how this goes.


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