Week 4 ♥ Happiness & Sadness

As my week was a total blur for me; I’m glad I can look back at pictures and say wow that all happen this week?

Since this is about keeping my eye on the horizon I was hoping I did something to better myself. As I continue to take time out to enjoy life and spend time with the people I care about I also have worked my but off at work. As I can’t ever capture a picture of how hard I work I needed to put it in writing.  Overall I am really trying to step up my game at work and continue to balance work, family and friends.  As I look back on the pictures I think I did a great job balancing it all this week.

I had alot of happy moments this week but also my share of sad moments. In both of these moments I realized that at the heart of it all is ME. Regardless of what I did this week it was on my terms.  My relationships I have with people is on my terms. I do what is best for me and always have my familys best interest at heart.

Going into this week with love in my heart,  rings on my hands and a car that works. Yeah, I am a pretty lucky lady.




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