Week Four: Got the Urge


I got the Urge. The Urge to move on and take the next step. I had a conversation on Friday with someone who I have not talked to in a long while. Telling her everything that has happened over the past 2 years made me realize how far I have already come. The Urge I have now to make major leaps feels amazing.

What an interesting week, with many wonderful surprises.
My brother hooked up the garage with a couple of my favorites. He is the BEST!


It was the last week of summer camp for GO (girls only) Camp. Bitter sweet goodbyes.

No, I did not blog which was one my goals for week. Guess I will have to double up for Week 5. I did go to the gym and it was just what I needed. Even made a training appointment and set to take some classes. Having a gym buddy has got to help!
& I’m going to start on the hair change this week.

Goals for Week 5
1) Double post in other blog 2) Go to gym twice 3) Get hair done? (not in a rush)


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