Week 5: ♡ Better Me

My week started out full, jam packed and of course with my family. I really love the weekends because that’s my time with my love ones. I started with my sis, mom in law and all 3 of my kids. It is great that I can still be close to my in laws even tho I am not with my husband any more. The one thing I value the most is FAMILY. Ending Sunday with all of my in laws and my kids was great. Didn’t think the week could get any better, but I was wrong…

Monday was my relaxing day and finally got my French toast, yeah my mom is the best. I did a lot of thinking, resting and really needed some time to regroup. Tuesday was the day I decided that it has been long over due for me to take “ME” back. Counting calories, adding some exercise and joined a website of supportive and motivated people. Putting my right foot forward, out with the old foot wear and eating habits. Walking is my new friend and I can’t wait to see how far we GO!

Spending all week doing better for me and my family has made me a better person. I have more energy, and really can feel myself changing inside and out. The journey will not always be easy, but with my love ones by my side I know I CAN DO IT!

PhotoGrid_1377395297377 PhotoGrid_1377395385932


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