Week Five: the production goes on

I haven’t posted in my other blog (sigh), what a defeat! So do I even try to make these posts up this week? It will be a task but I’m down for it. I wanted to start off with my goals for this week since I had such a product Week 5 with a lot of pictures to share.
Goals for week 6
1) Post in other blog 3 times this week.
2) Make an appointment with “Mr. Sam”.
3) Just take a ride.
4) Go to the gym.

Week 5 was Fantastic! This week I clearly had My Eyes on the Horizon, everything wasn’t perfect but I saw the possibilities. And an extra 2 days off from work didn’t hurt. I have so many things to work on to create a better me, stronger me, healthier me, etc. and I’m ready for the challenge. After only 5 weeks of starting this blog I can feel and see the difference. It goes beyond me; I can also see the growth in others.

And this garage was made for working (imagine me singing that line). Ok don’t. I love, love, love, the garage. It is by far the best thing ever right now. Once I have time to spend on some personal projects it will be even better.



I can not forget the hair cut. I’m still on the fence with this one.

What I loved most about this week was the time I got to spend with my family and friends as well as my alone time. I’m looking forward to another fun productive week.
lets go…..


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