Week 5: Pink Toes and Fried Oreos

Lyric of The Week: ” You. You don’t know how lucky you are. Hanging with that girl on your arm. But soon enough, I’m taking my shot. BANG.” Sweeter, Gavin DeGraw


Workdays: Perhaps because camp is over. Maybe because I’m in between responsibilities. Who knows? Whatever it is, I have needed the coffee to get me through. I took off Friday. Glad I did, I may have poked my own eyes out for the sheer excitement of blood and EMTs. Work is tedious. Every day this week I skipped out to go do something else mid-day (shhhh, don’t tell the boss). Goal for this week: make it not quite suck so bad- get my work mojo back.


Playday 1: YouTube and me re-aquainted ourselves. I was reminded that I love trying to learn to cook. I watched just about every single Super Bowl food video that YouTube and Food Network had to offer. I planned my menu whilst watching the preseason games. Cheesesteak egg rolls, Pizza bites, Buffalo Chicken Sliders and many more exciting twists on gameday faves. . . . don’t you wanna come over? “Eat Pray Love” (and a moment of silence) came back to visit me this week. Needed that.


Playday 2 & 3:  I had a ball at Hurricane Harbor and Point Pleasant. I squeezed all my summer into one weekend. I went on a 75 foot body slide, waded out up to my neck in the ocean and floated on the waves. All kinds of daring things. Blah, blah, blah. But the real story here is that I WORE A BIKINI! ME! Only took 35 years. YAAAAAY, ME!


This week’s lesson. Learning it.

Week 5. Better than some in some ways, not as good as others in other ways. But, my eyes were on the horizon. Two things that fell off the horizon though, were my eating and spending. Spent too much, ate too much. 2 words of danger: fried Oreos. But, refocusing in week 6. 6 pounds for week 6. I see the symbolism here, don’t you?


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