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Week Ten: What Horizon?

Just not seeing the horizon lately. I’ll try again, I have 42 weeks left.





Interesting week, but no horizon.


Week 10: ♥Love2Hate♥

Theme for the week:  I Hate 2 Love You BUT Hate 2 Hate You!

This week I did a lot of thinking about my horizon and the type of man I want,  need and deserve.  I also thought about what my sister calls (mean time) people. I’m sure the fact that my best friend went through a tough week,  my sister went through the same old same old and me well my sex in the city channel has been playing all week. So lets say my mind was on a roller coaster this week.

My week ended talking to an older woman that I didn’t even know.  She worked hard all her life, retired, and has been traveling for the last 6 years. We talked about her marriage,  her husband death and relationships.  She repeated to me 3 times;  if he loves you and you love him nothing else even matters.  As long as you two know what you mean to each other nothing else even matters. Her words echoed in my heart.  I believe I was at the right place at the right time.  I believe in love but at that very moment she renewed my faith in love.

Going into this week with an open heart, mind and soul.


Week 10: Release and Redirect

Lyric of the Week: “Where there is a flame someone’s bound to get burned, Just because it burns doesn’t mean your gonna die. You gotta get up and try and try and try.” -Try, P!nk

Quote of the Week: “I don’t dance in my underwear anymore.”- Callie Torres, Grey’s Anatomy


Funnies: A hello kitty in my chair that scared the crap outta me, a lego man in the fridge, the dirty ass cleaning truck and an ‘anachronism warrior pack’- in english, of all things. LMAO! I needed the chuckles this week. Focus on laughter.


Work: Lego engineering challenge and 2 bad ass girls that rocked it and beat them all. I love when something I create can cause that much engagement and learning. It makes me happy. Focus on working and being better at my job.


Therapies: Sister therapy, puppy therapy and sky therapy. Focus on what makes me feel loved.

I don’t have anything else for this horrible, gut wrenching, worst fear week. No more words or photos. Just laser-focused on my horizon. The chains are off.

Week Nine: Breathe…Let go

I don’t have many pictures this week, definitely not as many as usual. I could have been a lot more productive this week personally, but I always seem to put more effort in to work. This is not at all a bad thing! I’m excited about the new horizon at work and find it to be less pressure than my own personal horizon. That’s interesting. Another week down. photo 4photo 5

Week 9: Like Heads and Tails

Lyric of the Week: “Can you live with it? Loving me for life? To have and hold forever. Baby, ride or die, til death do us part. Lets make it last forever.” -4Ever, Lil’ Mo


First half.
Gifts, sunshine, belly dancing with wifey, birds of prey, chocolate bacon… (and many things I loved that are not pictured here…) first half was one of the best weeks in a long time. ♥


Second half.
Let my pics speak for themselves. I can call it a bad end, sure. But can’t call it unexpected.

Week 9: ♡ Fall Fitness & Fun ♡


This week I took fitness,  family,  friends and fun to another level.  All my favorite things that begin with “F” were great this week.  Learning new things about me,  my body and my friendships.  In fact knowing who you can count on in the clutch of the Moment is amazing. 

Fall is upon us and so is football.  Nephew played a great game and I’m looking forward to many more games.  My hoodie and my sneakers are ready for more fitness fun and especially for walking miles and miles. This week I did 2 miles on a Friday night.  It was relaxing and fun.  I push you and you push me was the theme of the evening. 

The highlight of my week was the fact that I did something I’ve been wanting to do ALONE.  The bucket list has been set and I’m proud to say I’ve checked something off of it.

Here’s to a great week and more great “F”‘s.