Week 6: Dropping the Hammer, Tipping the Scale

Lyric of the Week: “Don’t stay if you don’t wanna stay. Baby, I’ll be OK. Believe me when I say, I’mma be alright. It’s so hard what I gots to do. I got to make you leave, for both me and you.” Don’t Stay, Laura Izibor


Monday: This is my office. Some call it a closet. Others think of it as storage. Others feel my desk is theirs. But, no matter what you call it, this is the before shot. This week, it gets clean, new furniture and a whole new attitude. Watch me.


Tuesday: To quote Chapelle, this is when keeping it real goes wrong. EMOTIONAL ABUSE. How many things on this list have I experienced (at his hands??) ? I would add to it “withholding love”. That shit should be right at the top. But as with all problems, the first step is admitting you have one. Here is me: My name is Tricia and I have been in an abusive relationship for 6 years. As my esteemed co-worker/co-blogger pointed out, “Why are you talking, Abuser?” LOL But the man spoke truth, ” . . .after a while, isn’t it her fault for staying?” Well no, it’s never the abused’s fault, but she does have to decide when enough is enough. Yeah, my plate’s about full, Abuser.

Wednesday:  Thanks to my brother in law, I have found a way to sleep smarter thanks to this squeaky blow-up hammer. The bitches are DEATHLY afraid if it. When it is on the bed, they want NO PARTS of jumping up on it, Voila! I can sleep soundly without pit bull in my back. Thanks, D!


Thursday: My laughs of the week. Only Chrissy would label a labeler. Ok, ok, maybe I would too. But, that is why it was so funny. (And so was the extra, secret, hidden label on the bottom. ) The top shot here is of a DVD player that was dropped in my closet– oops, I meant office– and labeled “BROKE”. I nearly cried. The teacher in me walked by it about 15 times before I had to add the “n” on the end. How funny is it that I put up with the mess in there, but a grammatically incorrect post-it made my skin crawl until I fixed it? The Nerd at her best. 🙂


Saturday NIGHT: Spent Pinteresting. Wedding shit. Again. I can’t seem to scratch that event planning itch. It made me want to re-focus my leisure time. And it made me cry, too. damn period hormones. Here seems the appropriate place to discuss my weight gain, courtesy of Aunt Flo. Was it the water retention or the insatiable appetite? I can’t call it. But I backslid 5 pounds in a week! 3 days to be precise. I suck and so does being a woman. Periods are nothing to sneeze at at 35, apparently. I will get back on track this week. I will get back on track this week. I will get back on track this week.


Pin of the Week: I could have written this myself. Question pictured here, still not answered.

The horizon, you say? Well, at this here moment, I vaguely remember where it is. I know the general direction of the horizon. It’s somewhere over that way. But, I am not looking at it. I have turned my back from it, walked away 10 paces, dug a hole and jumped in. What freaking horizon?? Please, someone help me find it. Hoping my plans for belly dancing classes with the Wifey will help me locate it again. So will the all celery and liquid diet. Perhaps, so will the sexy Papi from AC. We shall see. Bring on week 7. Shit could be worse. I shall count that blessing– along with me and my loved ones making it another week. That is nothing to sneeze at either. Period.


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