Week 7: ♡ Endless

Sunday: Was rise and shine at Moody Park. While I was walking to my tunes; my son and nephew were working on their swing. Family fitness is great on a nice Sunday morning.

Monday: Was relaxing morning then lunch with my BF. Salad works is so good and even better when I can track it online. Technology at its best.

Tuesday: Was back to work and “rolling over” a potential mate. As a single mom that spends her life revolving everything around her children I always question ” how can I ever find someone? “. Well Tuesday my job may have solved that problem.  The jury is still out on the matter,  and there is lot to consider but if it is meant to be it will be.

Wednesday: My youngest nephew started kindergarten.  Even tho I couldn’t be there my brother was sure to send pictures.  It was an eye opener to so much in my personal life. Questions and answers session has begun.

Friday: Was a ME evening. Toes, shopping then my favorite salad from my favorite chef while watching Law and Order SVU. Yeah it was a perfect Friday.

Saturday: The early bird caught the worm but not a snake.  Then flying over to get my $13.81 bargain outfit for a date I didn’t officially have scheduled but at that cost it had to be purchased. Spent the afternoon with my sis.  Some long over due QT. We both need to put the past behind us and as always we do that together. 

The perfect week.  The perfect company.  The perfect food.  All in all my HORIZON is getting closer then I could ever image.



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