Week 10: ♥Love2Hate♥

Theme for the week:  I Hate 2 Love You BUT Hate 2 Hate You!

This week I did a lot of thinking about my horizon and the type of man I want,  need and deserve.  I also thought about what my sister calls (mean time) people. I’m sure the fact that my best friend went through a tough week,  my sister went through the same old same old and me well my sex in the city channel has been playing all week. So lets say my mind was on a roller coaster this week.

My week ended talking to an older woman that I didn’t even know.  She worked hard all her life, retired, and has been traveling for the last 6 years. We talked about her marriage,  her husband death and relationships.  She repeated to me 3 times;  if he loves you and you love him nothing else even matters.  As long as you two know what you mean to each other nothing else even matters. Her words echoed in my heart.  I believe I was at the right place at the right time.  I believe in love but at that very moment she renewed my faith in love.

Going into this week with an open heart, mind and soul.



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