Week 11: Wanda ★

I Wandalynn, being of sound mind, scar body and amazing spirit  leaving behind the old version of margaritas to the ones who think they are still amazing.  I leave pounds behind for those who need them. I leave the fear of wearing what I want because I’m to heavy. I leave behind waiting for someone to buy me a ring to those who need someone to do so. I got my own because I leave broke men in my past. I leave behind men that can’t afford to buy me dinner so I have new standards and a lucky fortune cookie to say so. I leave behind my argue, my hurt and my resentment to those who don’t know no better. I leave behind red roses to those who need them as I sign of love and endearment. I leave behind two years of fear that my cancer will return. And last but not least I leave behind the thought of Baby J as I have two amazing children and I’m sure the man I don’t leave behind will have some amazing children himself. 



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