Week Eleven: Just leaving it

I, Christina, being of medicated mind and tired body do declare to leave my jealous self to the person I was 60 seconds ago. Be Jealous, I’m Not. I leave yesterday right where it is but I’m taking the memories, lessons and planning for the future. I leave behind feeling bad and not looking my best to the young woman who do not have the means or support that I do to be an “Amazing Woman”. To all the people that judge me, have casted doubt on me or assumed something of me I leave you my sincere apologies for proving you wrong or not living up to your expectations. I have to do this my way. To whoever would like to fight over the DIETS I leave them to you! This is a life change and much bigger then my body alone. I leave eating after 9:30pm to my inner fat girl 😢unless I’m on vacation or being swept off my feet 😁 To everyone with their guard up I leave you my past, present and future broken heart. Who said being vulnerable is bad? I leave behind all uncertainties and reservations to the fire that is burning inside me, I will not let anything stand in the way of my happiness.





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