Week 13: Letter to Me, Myself & I


Dear Wanda, I am writing to you to prepare you for your future self.  I don’t intend on changing your future as you already believe that your path is already written.  Your beliefs are your core and as you change so will your beliefs.  Your world will soon change and you will question lots of things in your life.  Just know that nothing is your fault and if I could change anything in your future I would tell you to be careful who you get close to when tragic things happen.  I wish I could shield you from monsters but maybe this will help you.  

Love is an important apart of your life and yes you will find your Prince charming.  It may not be the big house with the picket fence and fluffy dog outside but Prince charming none the less.  Just remember to love hard and with all your heart and you will know you did your best.  

Here comes the hard part.  Remember you are a fighter.  There will come a time when you have a rough time at life.  You may feel defected, broken and even feel like you can’t fight no more.  But you must remember your past,  remember who you are,  what you’ve been through to this point and push through to victory.  You will not be alone in this fight but the battle itself is yours alone to win.

I hope this has helped you understand your path without changing your future.  And remember 5 minutes is better then no minutes.  The path less chosen is the path you always pick.


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