Week 13: Letter to myself

Dear Chrissy,
I’m writing to let you know that things may not make sense know but they will in future. Remember that time you said “I’ll never forgive him”, well you do. And then you thank him for saving your life and giving you the opportunity to accomplish the things you have.
You will find yourself asking “why do people take advantage me?”. Only you begin to understand its because you let them.
You often look back at pictures of your younger self and wonder where all that youth went. Well it’s still there, it’s right inside you and everything that makes you smile. You just have to reach for it when you need it the most.
You will deal with stress, anxiety, depression & ailments that no young or old person should have to go through. Walk your path with your head held high!
All those times you complimented your parents on their 30 year marriage will come crashing down when they get divorced when your 28 years old. You’ll come to the conclusion they should of did it when you were a child.
You will realize at many points that you deserve much more but you continue to settle for what’s given to you. Settling is not an option if you believe you deserve it or it’s something you want then don’t give up until you get it.
That fairy tale relationship, is just that, a fairy tale. You find yourself at your lowest when you think your not good enough to be married to, or good enough to stay with and make it work. Your lowest will also become the point where you find your fight and strength to move on.
If I could of told you one thing before you went thru all of that “stuff” it would have been to put yourself first, always!

With love,



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