Week: 14 Shut up and Dance

Lyric of the Week: “Voy a reir, voy a bailar! Vivir mi vida, lalalala. Voy a reir, voy a gozar! Vivir mi vida lalalala” Vivir Mi Vida- Marc Anthony


Monday through Thursday: Spent this week in Charlotte on a leadership conference. (28 hours of class and saw NONE of Charlotte) But I can’t neglect my work horizon. Came back with 4 (count ’em FOUR) new ideas I want to implement. Felt I said some great things to my boss and am ready to take myself to the next level. Hopefully, that level comes with more pay too. I think I should have been a pilot. So at home up here in the clouds.


Friday: Honored and completely jazzed to witness my town’s first LEGAL same sex wedding. Damn right I support it. ❤


Saturday: Went shopping and got this awesome necklace as a gift. So me. Then went dancing. Me and salsa got reaquainted. I missed her. Everything below my waist hurts but, oh do I love it. Got to dance (with a partner AND correctly!) to some of my favorite songs! Life complete.

The horizons looks mighty bright when you just focus on what’s good right now and how to make the future better. ❤


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