Week 17: Bucket Full of Memories

The week was amazing and not what I expected.  A difficult week of memories turned into a week of new memories. 

Sunday was a bucket list first.  Center field with the Giants and Raiders after a 850am shot and tailgating with some new friends. The day was first class from start to finish.

11/12/13 was a touching loving caring amazing day. The moment when words don’t really need to be said and/or you can read between the lines is PRICELESS.

Remembering the good times I had with Todd was good for my heart. I felt like he talked to me just when I needed him too. In fact, this week he was with me from start to finish. Everything happens for a reason and his friendship got me ready for something so amazing words can’t express it.

Thursday I celebrated two peoples birthday. My little man and my little sis. I went from cupcakes and toys to shots and sis hugs. It was a great kick off to my long weekend as a sales manager. Yes, this woman can be mother, friend,  sister, aunt, professional and Lexy all in the same day.

I rounded my weekend out without to many tears. Remembering a difficult time in my life with love in my heart. Chopping away at my Bucket list by going to the movie theater alone. Seeing an amazing movie that was everything I needed and some things I didn’t know I needed. It’s amazing the signs you are sent when you are already there.

My horizon has never been this focused ever. I see where I am going,  where I need to be and where I want to go. All things worth having are worth waiting for.




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