Week 18: Box of Darkness

Lyric of the Week: “The story of my life. I take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm and time… is frozen. The story of my life. I give her hope I spend her love until she’s broke inside. The story of my life.” -The Story of My Life, One Direction


Yeah I know, that’s a horrible title for a blog about the horizon. These last two weeks, I haven’t been able to find the horizon with two hands and GPS. Neither has another blogger. I have figured out why for myself. I said I was leaving behind a lot in my last will and testament. Go on! Go back and read it, I’ll wait…..

Now, how much of that did I leave behind? Ha! Considering I just caught myself saying “the FBI has nothing on me,” I’d say everything I thought I left is still here clinging on like a static-y sock…. all of it. Which leads me to one conclusion: The only thing blocking me from my horizon is ME…

So, my title is actually a horizon title. It’s time to unwrap my box of darkness, unpack all the baggage inside and start seeing this “gift” for the gift that it is: an opportunity to learn. As a great friend recently reminded me, I am a knowledge Sim.


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