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Week 27: cookieeeessss

At least I put pictures up 😉



Week 27: Short

My 1st goal wasn’t meant but my 2nd came out great.



Week 27: Challenge Accepted!

Lyric of The Week: “I don’t want it all the time. But when I get it, I better be satisfied.  So, give it to me right, or don’t give it to me at all.”

Goal: 2 pounds in a week to get rid of all the evidence of my problem controlling what I put in my mouth…

Goal met!

Next goal: 5 smokes a day and 2 pounds a week. Bring it.

Week 26: a little of this none of that


Yes I found my ‘my life’ under the fitted sheet. Don’t ask.

I had time to cut some card board and glue clothes pins to it. A little spray got a piece of functional art.

Yup I also painted part of my ceiling and decorated it with lights. My niece was the inspiration. Just have to throw some more inspiration up there.

Cookies season has begun!

And I drank that bottle, stuffed my face with cinnamon bread and enjoyed a Newport.

Week 26: new things


My nephew makes a house out of logs,  I try a new way to do my hair and neither one comes out great.  The saving grace was my gold card for Starbucks. 


Being creative with my pictures was fun.  Best photo shoot ever.  We have a new kid and she’s a knockout.  Love our ko-ko. Ended the week with my kids and my son’s girlfriend.  His first tattoo and he honored his best friend.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have two amazing kids.

The horizon gets better and closer each week. 

Week 26: Worthless Words

Lyric of the Week: “We must free up these tired souls before the sadness kills us both.” – Nothing Lasts Forever, Maroon 5

Didn’t take a lot of photos this week.  Did some light teaching, dancing and baking. All in all a good week. Interesting thought: If the person you love doesn’t inspire you,  nor you, them, what’s left to hold on to? Is it even love anymore? This new week is a week of goals for me. Health,  beauty and money. Three things I dont have and need. Bring it on.