Week 31: Out of the Fog

Lyric of the Week: “Your…so good… good love…. deserves… an encore.” -Encore, Cheryl Lynn


That chicken up there? That was phenomenal.  I made it. Observe my phenomenalness. That bracelet? I made it, too.  Again, marvel at my goddesslike capabilities.  Now… after thats over,  please turn your attention to the bottom right corner where you will see the end result of me exploding a package of paperclips and raining office supplies all over my desk and into my boots. Please don’t let that detract from my earlier awesomeness. The photos of this week are rounded out by my super smart and photogenic family, really cool looking thick fog and a big guy with a little umbrella. (Identity withheld.) Between this, the grilled cheese, the outings and all the laughs, this week was awesome. 


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