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Week 36: 7 Days of Cheesy Fun

Lyric of the Week: “When I’ve shown you that I just dont care, when I’m throwing punches in the air, when im broken down and I can’t stand, will you be man enough to be my man?” Sheryl Crow, Strong Enough

Boys & Girls Club week was fun. I missed most of it working on the 21st Century Grant. But I lovenwhen I push for something and it rocks. Even when im not there to see it rocking. Fuss’ pirate themed Chick fil-a birthday was super fun too. Check out the chocolate treasures on the cake! Chelsey at the baker rocks as well.


Week 36: Medical Week

Medical issues were the theme of the week. My daughter got put to the pain test and came out like a champ. Baby boy back in uniform and this mom is all smiles. Ended the week with my first real date with someone I actually enjoyed every minute with. We will just call him man and I’m the woman. Glad my week rounded out great.