Week 17: Bucket Full of Memories

The week was amazing and not what I expected.  A difficult week of memories turned into a week of new memories. 

Sunday was a bucket list first.  Center field with the Giants and Raiders after a 850am shot and tailgating with some new friends. The day was first class from start to finish.

11/12/13 was a touching loving caring amazing day. The moment when words don’t really need to be said and/or you can read between the lines is PRICELESS.

Remembering the good times I had with Todd was good for my heart. I felt like he talked to me just when I needed him too. In fact, this week he was with me from start to finish. Everything happens for a reason and his friendship got me ready for something so amazing words can’t express it.

Thursday I celebrated two peoples birthday. My little man and my little sis. I went from cupcakes and toys to shots and sis hugs. It was a great kick off to my long weekend as a sales manager. Yes, this woman can be mother, friend,  sister, aunt, professional and Lexy all in the same day.

I rounded my weekend out without to many tears. Remembering a difficult time in my life with love in my heart. Chopping away at my Bucket list by going to the movie theater alone. Seeing an amazing movie that was everything I needed and some things I didn’t know I needed. It’s amazing the signs you are sent when you are already there.

My horizon has never been this focused ever. I see where I am going,  where I need to be and where I want to go. All things worth having are worth waiting for.




Week 15. Family, Favorites and Forever


This week was filled with family fun. Daughter and I had matching Halloween outfits, my son gave me a great present of himself and bingo with the in-laws was so much fun. My favorites were on point this week: my eggnog latte returned, peanut butter explosion was OMG GREAT and my mismatch pjs are back for the cold weather. Realizing I will forever be the girl that loves with all her heart, gives until there is nothing else to give and be forever young at heart.

Week 15: Fall Fun

Lyric of the Week: “I don’t understand, why do I stress a man when there’s so many bigger things at hand? We could have never had it all. We had to hit a wall. So this is inevitable withdrawal.” -Tears Dry on Their Own, Amy Winehouse

When there are clouds on the horizon, it’s ok. Days without sun are just as beautiful, just beauty of a different kind.  Soccer, halloween parties and cool fall kid projects do the job just fine. (And check out the hot pink tree!) Great week! Bring on week 16 . . .


Week 14: Closure

This week was very emotional.  I had many hurdles this week. Some good and well one (depend how you look at it). I realized alot about myself this week and all in all I’m very proud of me this week. My horizon is bright and I’m focused on ME, MYSELF AND I. Ready to enjoy Fall and the upcoming holidays with my family and my new name.


Week 12: Sometimes ♡


Sometimes you have sit back and enjoy your horizon.  Sometimes you have to handle your problems alone.  Sometimes you have to own up to your feelings.  Sometimes you have to trust others judgement. Sometimes you have to let a girl be a girl with a hint of boy.  Sometimes good friends are what you need when there is nothing else to hold onto.  Sometimes the truth shall set you free or take you to the next level.  And sometimes a simple I love you can take you to places you have never been.  At the end of the day only you can tell if your horizon is ahead of you or behind you.