Week 42: Can you say blur ?

This week was so long that I forgot how it started. Margarita and Tacos were amazing. My run in with the deer was breathe taken. Watching them was fun and relaxing. Trips to Starbucks has increased and I’m taking a new found love for it and the meaning to coffee breaks is Love. The best part of the week was coming to the weekend. Time with my family was priceless. The balance between love and family is so very hard but being a mediator is exhausting. Side note: who needs milk when you got legs. Lol




Week 36: Medical Week

Medical issues were the theme of the week. My daughter got put to the pain test and came out like a champ. Baby boy back in uniform and this mom is all smiles. Ended the week with my first real date with someone I actually enjoyed every minute with. We will just call him man and I’m the woman. Glad my week rounded out great.


Week 34: prefect storm



The week was perfectly filled with the people I love. Everyone trying to get my mind off my procedure. I decided to freshen up my toes which always makes me happy. My nephew team won the championship game and I discover my Hancock. My Saturday in New York with my sister was just want we needed. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system in my life.

Week 30: The End or Beginning?


The week started with a knock down dragged out fight.  Words were said,  low blows were thrown and a four year relationship went up in flames.  The saddest part of it all was it was after I was told he wanted me back and would always love me.  Really nice way to prove it. 


The week ended with some amazing people,  some amazing food and some amazing energy.  It was one of those weekends that I woke up wanting more and wishing it could go on forever.  I think I’m liking Valentines Day from this year forward.