Week 36: busy busy



Week 16: Your Blog Has Been Disconnected

Lyric of the Week: “Valió la pena lo que era necesario para estar contigo amor. Tú eres una bendición…” Valio la Pena, Marc Anthony


I took five photos this week. Not a one is REALLY connected to my horizon.

If I try real hard, I can say the top right is my assistance to Chrissy’s horizon and the bottom right to Imani’s. The photo of the sky technically IS the horizon… the fat me pic is me keeping my eyes looking forward to my goal weight and… the EZ Egg? Well. Um. Ok, that’s all I got.

Better luck next week. Lol

However, I’m keeping my eyes on the LOTW. Maybe one day I’ll feel like that. Sigh. Lmao maybe one day it’ll be true!

Week 9: ♡ Fall Fitness & Fun ♡


This week I took fitness,  family,  friends and fun to another level.  All my favorite things that begin with “F” were great this week.  Learning new things about me,  my body and my friendships.  In fact knowing who you can count on in the clutch of the Moment is amazing. 

Fall is upon us and so is football.  Nephew played a great game and I’m looking forward to many more games.  My hoodie and my sneakers are ready for more fitness fun and especially for walking miles and miles. This week I did 2 miles on a Friday night.  It was relaxing and fun.  I push you and you push me was the theme of the evening. 

The highlight of my week was the fact that I did something I’ve been wanting to do ALONE.  The bucket list has been set and I’m proud to say I’ve checked something off of it.

Here’s to a great week and more great “F”‘s.


Week 8: ♥ Summer 2 Fall ♥

This week I really need to let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was a relaxing, productive and fun filled week.  The balance between personal life and family life was very challenging this week. But when things seem a little off I corrected them right away.  I soaked up the remainder of the summer and dived head first into Fall.  



Week 6: ♥~ Miles of Fun


This week I continue to push myself to be a better version of myself. I started my Sunday with a mile walk. Pushing myself and staying focused is my goal every day. Taking it one day at a time is the best thing I can do. I’m eating correct and counting every thing I eat. I’ve even proved to myself that I can still enjoy a night out and eat healthy. Taking time for myself and enjoying life has become easier each week. My family and friends have been an amazing support system to me as I enter into a new phase of my life.

The week rounded out with a trip to the beach.  I truly had a great day. The weather was great, my family had a blast and I ended the evening with a drink,  a salad and the song of the weekend “get lucky” which is what I felt like on Friday. 

Saturday I was reminded what “no pain no gain” felt like.  I blocked it,  I cried about it then realized the pain was worth what I was gaining. 

Focused on this week and looking forward to the miles ahead of me.


Week Five: the production goes on

I haven’t posted in my other blog (sigh), what a defeat! So do I even try to make these posts up this week? It will be a task but I’m down for it. I wanted to start off with my goals for this week since I had such a product Week 5 with a lot of pictures to share.
Goals for week 6
1) Post in other blog 3 times this week.
2) Make an appointment with “Mr. Sam”.
3) Just take a ride.
4) Go to the gym.

Week 5 was Fantastic! This week I clearly had My Eyes on the Horizon, everything wasn’t perfect but I saw the possibilities. And an extra 2 days off from work didn’t hurt. I have so many things to work on to create a better me, stronger me, healthier me, etc. and I’m ready for the challenge. After only 5 weeks of starting this blog I can feel and see the difference. It goes beyond me; I can also see the growth in others.

And this garage was made for working (imagine me singing that line). Ok don’t. I love, love, love, the garage. It is by far the best thing ever right now. Once I have time to spend on some personal projects it will be even better.



I can not forget the hair cut. I’m still on the fence with this one.

What I loved most about this week was the time I got to spend with my family and friends as well as my alone time. I’m looking forward to another fun productive week.
lets go…..

Week 5: ♡ Better Me

My week started out full, jam packed and of course with my family. I really love the weekends because that’s my time with my love ones. I started with my sis, mom in law and all 3 of my kids. It is great that I can still be close to my in laws even tho I am not with my husband any more. The one thing I value the most is FAMILY. Ending Sunday with all of my in laws and my kids was great. Didn’t think the week could get any better, but I was wrong…

Monday was my relaxing day and finally got my French toast, yeah my mom is the best. I did a lot of thinking, resting and really needed some time to regroup. Tuesday was the day I decided that it has been long over due for me to take “ME” back. Counting calories, adding some exercise and joined a website of supportive and motivated people. Putting my right foot forward, out with the old foot wear and eating habits. Walking is my new friend and I can’t wait to see how far we GO!

Spending all week doing better for me and my family has made me a better person. I have more energy, and really can feel myself changing inside and out. The journey will not always be easy, but with my love ones by my side I know I CAN DO IT!

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