Happy New Year in July

Please follow us on our next year’s journey:

Embracing the Horizon


Week 52: 358 Days Later

From this:


To this:


It was a long windy road. And it seems I habent travelled as far as I should have. But my horizon is still in front of me. Solidly there now. Time to reach for it. Onto new challenges…

Week 51: I QUIT!

LOTW: “I left the key under the mat to our front doooooooor. One more chance to hold you close. I don’t knoooooooow where you’re goin’, just get your ass back home!” Ass Back Home, Gym Class Heroes


…smoking that is. Vaping all day everyday. And it’s working too, aside from the fact that it makes me have dreams at night of witchcraft and lesbianism.  True story. And finally, wtf is Salsa China besides a product NOT to try? Lol Good week.

Week 50: Never Too Much

LOTW: “I know you certainly been gone
And it’s been much too long And there’s some things we need to do So I know you need to get home.” -Come Get it Bae, Pharrell


Of this kid, my car or these damn cake balls.

Week 48: Goal!

LOTW: “When I’ve blown up your texts and stalked your page, when I’ve cursed and hung up in a rage, when I make you tell me every plan, will you be man enough to be my man? Liiiiiieee to me. Either way, I won’t believe. But trrrryyyyyy to be—the man I need.” -an original to the tune of Sheryl Crow


Keep seeing the DAD plates! Everywhere!  A little world cup, a little silly, 4 adorable bunnies and a graduation made this a good week. Now just to get through the “mad dash to camp” week….