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Week 44: Heaven Sent

This week I will let my pictures speak loud and clear. The horizon was VERY clear this week.




Week 44: Nas and Amy

LOTW: “I wanna go through my red and my cherry.”- Cherry Wine, Nas & Amy Winehouse


Crazy accident, good grillin’, waist bead creation, good music and so much more. Good week. Can’t believe this year is almost over and how much has changed…and how far I still need to go.

Week 42: Can you say blur ?

This week was so long that I forgot how it started. Margarita and Tacos were amazing. My run in with the deer was breathe taken. Watching them was fun and relaxing. Trips to Starbucks has increased and I’m taking a new found love for it and the meaning to coffee breaks is Love. The best part of the week was coming to the weekend. Time with my family was priceless. The balance between love and family is so very hard but being a mediator is exhausting. Side note: who needs milk when you got legs. Lol