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Week 18: Putting it all together

This is the path I’m suppose to be on I’m just not sure why yet. To many pics for a collage since I wanted to include so many and it wouldn’t make sense at all.
That should have been the sense at all.
I know the horizon is out there…..







Week 18: Box of Darkness

Lyric of the Week: “The story of my life. I take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm and time… is frozen. The story of my life. I give her hope I spend her love until she’s broke inside. The story of my life.” -The Story of My Life, One Direction


Yeah I know, that’s a horrible title for a blog about the horizon. These last two weeks, I haven’t been able to find the horizon with two hands and GPS. Neither has another blogger. I have figured out why for myself. I said I was leaving behind a lot in my last will and testament. Go on! Go back and read it, I’ll wait…..

Now, how much of that did I leave behind? Ha! Considering I just caught myself saying “the FBI has nothing on me,” I’d say everything I thought I left is still here clinging on like a static-y sock…. all of it. Which leads me to one conclusion: The only thing blocking me from my horizon is ME…

So, my title is actually a horizon title. It’s time to unwrap my box of darkness, unpack all the baggage inside and start seeing this “gift” for the gift that it is: an opportunity to learn. As a great friend recently reminded me, I am a knowledge Sim.

Week 17: The Wise and Angry Gremlin

Lyric of the Week: “So… FUCK YOU and FUCK HER, TOO.” F You, Cee-lo Green


I got nothing…but the sun setting in the distance on this line of bulllshit, a stolen Ikea bag full of bullshit and a look toward the horizon. Kick rocks.

**Edited: So ok, ok. . .¬†There were more pictures this week. Good ones. (from bottom right and clockwise) Birthday food with friends, me solving a problem that saved my job hundreds, my boss actually thinking that I know how to “review for variances” (HA!) a breakfast sculpture, the cutest wall art ever and an adorable one year old. Lots of good times. And most importantly, a lesson: Never Blog Angry.**



Week 17: Bucket Full of Memories

The week was amazing and not what I expected.  A difficult week of memories turned into a week of new memories. 

Sunday was a bucket list first.  Center field with the Giants and Raiders after a 850am shot and tailgating with some new friends. The day was first class from start to finish.

11/12/13 was a touching loving caring amazing day. The moment when words don’t really need to be said and/or you can read between the lines is PRICELESS.

Remembering the good times I had with Todd was good for my heart. I felt like he talked to me just when I needed him too. In fact, this week he was with me from start to finish. Everything happens for a reason and his friendship got me ready for something so amazing words can’t express it.

Thursday I celebrated two peoples birthday. My little man and my little sis. I went from cupcakes and toys to shots and sis hugs. It was a great kick off to my long weekend as a sales manager. Yes, this woman can be mother, friend,  sister, aunt, professional and Lexy all in the same day.

I rounded my weekend out without to many tears. Remembering a difficult time in my life with love in my heart. Chopping away at my Bucket list by going to the movie theater alone. Seeing an amazing movie that was everything I needed and some things I didn’t know I needed. It’s amazing the signs you are sent when you are already there.

My horizon has never been this focused ever. I see where I am going,  where I need to be and where I want to go. All things worth having are worth waiting for.



Week 16: WTH

It must have been that kind of week!! I thought I took more pictures than what I did, so I apologize, they are pretty boring.

I looked back at some of my previous post and wOw I was making goals lol!

Can’t wait for week 17 …